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Brand: 3M
Soft Inner Face-Seal Ring: Improves face seal and feeling of comfort, Increases wearer comfort, Can be hygienically cleaned for improved wearer hygien..
Ex Tax:£2.50
Brand: Paint&Resin
This paint can opener prises open paint can lids quickly and easily, helping to avoid paint spills. It is corrosion-resistant and suitable for use on ..
Ex Tax:£0.50
Brand: Paint&Resin
PP Mixing CupRigid plastic cupsCalibrated with markings visible from inside the cupSuitable for solvent or waterborne paints..
Ex Tax:£0.35
Brand: Nautix
A4 T.Speed Fluorescent is fluorescent hard matrix anti-fouling especially recommended for keel and rudder of regatta-boats.This fluorescent ..
Ex Tax:£63.50
Brand: 3M
3M™ Perfect-It™ Boat Wash is an important first step in achieving a truly professional gelcoat finish. This high-suds formula works without stripping ..
Ex Tax:£10.58
Brand: Gurit
AMPRO is a simple to use, all-purpose epoxy which can be used for gluing, coating, laminating and filling. With its fast, low temperature curing harde..
Ex Tax:£31.63
Brand: Epifanes
Epifanes Clear Varnish, known around the world, is considered the ultimate in high gloss finish. This traditional marine varnish is based on tung oil,..
Ex Tax:£10.13
Brand: Epifanes
Epifanes Undercoat is a quick drying one-component undercoat/prelacquer with excellent adhesion, filling and covering properties. For use above the wa..
Ex Tax:£17.50


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