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Brand: Epifanes
Epifanes Combi Filler is a traditional one-component knifing filler for levelling of small irregularities in one-component paint systems for wood or steel above the waterline. Should be applied in very thin layers. (max. 1 mm) Use to repair and fill small imperfections in a single-component paint sy..
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Brand: Epifanes
Very dense, water resistant and shrink-free, two-component filler based on epoxy resin. Can be applied up to 1.5cm. Apply on wood, steel, aluminum and polyester, above and below the waterline. In general, this epoxy filler is used in a two component paint system, but it is also more and more used in..
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Brand: Epifanes
A fast drying, two-component filler suitable for small repairs on steel and fibreglass. Can be applied in thick layers. Before use, mix well with 2-4 % of the reactor from the tube. Recoatable with all Epifanes one and two-component products. Fiberglass: repair and filling of small irregularities ab..
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Brand: Nautix
Nautix Blue epoxy filler is a light weight epoxy filler (density 0.6) 100% watertight, produced with high quality watertight raw materials. This epoxy filler is especially recommended for fairing application over and below the waterline over GRP, rigid woods or metals. It can also be use as a finish..
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Brand: Nautix
Nautix Watertight is a fast drying epoxy filler 100% watertight. Produced with high quality watertight micronized compounds, this filler is especially recommended to be applied above and below the waterline over fibreglass, rigid woods or metals. Nautix Watertight filler is also recommended to cure ..
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