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Brand: Gurit
Ampreg 30 has been optimised for the manufacture of large composite structures using hand layup and vacuum bagging techniques whilst offering improved health and safety through the careful selection of low toxicity raw materials. The relatively low initial mixed viscosity of Ampreg 30 allows easy w..
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Brand: Gurit
Ampreg 36 is Gurit™s premium epoxy laminating system and is particularly suitable for the manufacture of large, high-performance composite structures, whilst offering improved health and safety through the careful selection of low toxicity raw materials. The product's superior laminate mechanical pr..
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Brand: Paint&Resin
Size 70 x 106mm Flexible and universal plastic filler spreaders Ideal for use in automotive workshops, marine and boat industry, fibre glass and general industry..
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Brand: Sicomin
Epoxy system designed for the production by casting decorative objects, bottles prototypes, jewellery... Very low reactivity allows high thickness without change of colour cast. Obtaining a polymer with high clarity, good brightness and colourless. Cures at room temperature, if necessary ..
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Brand: Sicomin
The resin PB 170 with the hardener DM03 gives a foam with around 170kg/m3 in free expansion. This system is white although it can be tinted with compatible pigments. The hardener influences both the hardening speed and the casting thickness The mix evolves in two stages:Rapid expansion of the cast..
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Brand: Gurit
Increase the volume and reduce the density of any resin system and are used to make adhesive mixes and filling & fairing mixes...
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Brand: Gurit
AMPRO is a simple to use, all-purpose epoxy which can be used for gluing, coating, laminating and filling. With its fast, low temperature curing hardener and easy 3:1 mix ratio by volume, AMPRO provides a quick and convenient way of using one epoxy system for a very wide range of tasks. AMPRO has be..
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Brand: Gurit
AMPRO™ Colloidal Silica is an agent which is used to control the thixotropy or ‘sag’ characteristics of a resin system. By adding colloidal silica powder in varying amounts to a resin mix containing the other filler types mentioned, the handling and flow characteristics can be controlled.Relatively ..
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Brand: Gurit
Quick Repair System Handipack is a multi-purpose epoxy, supplied only in a small pack. It is designed for quick repair work and small scale construction jobs. The system is extremely reactive with a pot-life of just 8 minutes at 20°C. It is therefore best suited to small tasks, and should not be app..
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Brand: Gurit
Microballoons are hollow phenolic resin spheres which have a distinctive reddish/brown colouration. This makes them particularly useful for cosmetic fillet joints and fillers in wood construction, as well as structural adhesives for less demanding applications on softer timbers such as cedar. Altho..
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Brand: Gurit
For adding strength to a resin and hardener mix used as a structural adhesive, short reinforcing fibres are often added which act in a similar strengthening way to the long reinforcing fibres used in composite construction...
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