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Brand: 3M
3M™ Perfect-It™ Boat Wash is an important first step in achieving a truly professional gelcoat finish. This high-suds formula works without stripping wax, removing grime, algae, dirt and other common marine contaminants to create a clean, clear surface for refinishing. In fact, it works on every boa..
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Brand: Awlgrip
Awlcare is a protective polymer sealer formulated to protect and remove mild stains from Awlgrip topcoats. - Contains no harsh abrasives and will not scratch the painted surface - Leaves a non-yellowing protective polymer coating which lasts through multiple washings - Removes mild stains such as wa..
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Brand: Awlgrip
Formulated to clean Awlgrip FinishesDoes not contain alkalies, acids or abrasivesAwlwash 2.0 is free rinsing which decreases drying time and is 100% biodegradable..
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Brand: Epifanes
Epifanes Teak-O-Bello is an easy to apply water-based protector for teak and other hardwoods. This unique and environmentally friendly formulation prevents the wood from weathering and discolouration for an extended period of time. Ideal for use on teak decks, teak railings, teak handrails and all o..
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Brand: Epifanes
Epifanes Teak-O-Clean & Bright is a water based cleaner and brightener for teak and other hardwoods. The friendly formulation easily cleans and restores weathered grey teak to its original colour...
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